The downtown was a a part of Chroma City in De Blob, and a part of Prisma City in de Blob 2 but then was invaded and controlled by the INKT Corporation. Chroma City's Downtown was once the site of many sports tournaments, but then INKT turned it into their main site for the police stations and for making Raydians practice the Inkies' religion by building the Church of Inktology.  

De BlobEdit

Chroma City's Downtown district was invaded by the,INKT Corporation and its color was wiped out from existence.  Because the Inkies and Leechbots had failed to protect Uptown from Blob, Comrade Black stepped up security further by placing Heavy Inkies in Downtown to stop Blob. But Blob ended up breaking through the security, colored Downtown, and transformed the Church of Inktology.

De Blob 2 Edit

Pinky and Blob arrived at Prisma City's Downtown district in search of Comrade Black, only to find it crowded and polluted, and still no Comrade Black.  Then they found Paintbots in the city and learned about a mysterious new priest named Papa Blanc who was running for Prisma City's election, as well as a mysterious cult of weird creatures called Blancs all over Downtown who took over most of the Downtown's buildings, turning them into INKT Landmarks , that became violent as Blob continued to color the place.  The Blancs' Town Hall was transformed into the Opera House