Inkies are the main enemies in the de Blob series. Common, basic Inkies are seen wearing white helmets and carrying white batons to attack.


Inkies are color hating creatures from a distant location. They invaded Chroma City in de Blob, removing all color from the city and eventually, the entire planet of Raydia.

They are lead by their leader Comrade Black and are the main enemies in the games. Basic Inkies are the least powerful enemy in the game, along with being more of a replaceable servant to Comrade Black because of their vast numbers. They are also probably the easiest Inky to manufacture, considering their vast amount.


To defeat the basic Inkies Blob must slam or squash them to make them explode.

In de Blob it costs one paint point to defeat each one. They can also poison Blob with ink by hitting him with their batons.

In de Blob 2, Inkies are slightly less dangerous. They cost five paint points to slam. They are unable poison Blob with ink in this game. However, they can still knock paint points out of Blob with their batons.

Different Types of InkiesEdit

As well as the basic Inky, Blob will sometimes have to battle more powerful kinds of Inkies:

  1. Sergeant Inky: A slightly more powerful version of the basic Inky with a poisonous baton.
  2. Heavy inky: An Inky that carries a weapon that shoots ink blasts.
  3. Elite Inky: An Inky that has been experimented on with colour.
  4. Spikey Inky: An Inky seen wearing a spiked helmet on its head and carrying a bazooka-like weapon.
  5. Armoured inky: A large Inky with shields on its arms that uses charge attacks.
  6. Grenadier inky: An Inky that throws ink bombs.
  7. Electric inky: An Inky that spins around using electric attacks.


  • Although Inkies speak a language of barcode, the pre-level comics translate it into english.
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